Skedda assumes no charge by default, so if you don't charge a fee for your spaces, you can more or less forget about this document.

If you do charge a fee for a space, the pricing page for that space lets you tell Skedda how it should be priced.

Below we've put together a basic overview of how pricing conditions are created. Based on our experience, however, many venues will have very particular pricing requirements that they may struggle to set up themselves. If this is the case for you, please don't hesitate to reach out to us (either using the in-app communicator, or via email) with your requirements and we'll be happy to set them up for you on your account.

Adding pricing

1) Click on the edit option under the Pricing section of the Spaces page.

2) The next step is to decide whether you want to setup pricing for all non-admin users (called 'General' pricing) or just those that are part of a specific group.

To create pricing for a group you need to select the option in the right hand corner which will show the same options as you see below for the 'General' conditions. 

3) From here you can click the 'Add pricing condition' button. This will give you the option to create a condition from scratch by choosing 'A basic condition that I can tune' or one of the templates of common pricing conditions.

4) Clicking on an option will insert one or more conditions for you to review and tune to your needs. 

You then have full control to change all of the elements associated with the condition to get it working just as you need it.

Tip: It can help to read the entire condition sentence out loud to yourself.

Using Pricing conditions across multiple spaces

It is often the case that a number of different spaces will share the same pricing, so we've made it easy to "share" or "link" the settings from one space to a number of other spaces.

To do this you'll need to go to the other similar spaces and choose the Take from option.

This will then show you a list of your other spaces that it can 'take' the pricing from. This can be a real time saver and mean you don't need to set the same conditions over and over. It also lets you make changes that will then be applied across all the linked spaces. 

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