Charging Recurring Bookings

Regular Users cannot create recurring bookings with online payments enabled. Admins can create recurring series on a user's behalf however! 

Recurring bookings are a series of bookings and default to a 'not set' payment status. Currently, they must be decoupled from the series and managed individually for online payments.

So, to charge these bookings on Skedda, you must first click into 'Manage':

Then, mark the booking as unpaid. The booking will then be decoupled from the series and you can charge it as a single-standing booking as normal.

One Charge for a Recurring Series

At this time it’s not possible to charge all bookings in a series at one time. If you’d like to take one payment for the series, then we recommend create a payment for the full booking series amount in Stripe.

Then, mark each booking off as paid in Skedda (without charging from Skedda).

This is a great workflow if you have a membership scheme and would like to take payment for a group of bookings upfront and before they start, or when the series has ended, or would simply like to have one transaction for a whole series of bookings.

Reach out if you have a unique payment case and we’ll be happy to take a look and recommend the most efficient approach for you!

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