When the payment approach 'Book Now, Pay Later' is selected, Administrators can make a charge when the following criteria is met:

  • The booking has a holder (venue user)
  • That holder (venue user) has provided card details through Skedda, either as a part of a booking process or through their user profile page
  • The cancellation window has passed, meaning the booking is 'locked-in'

If the charge is disabled

If a bookings charge is disabled, click on the small question mark, or go to the list view for some additional context.

Bookings can be charged from the day, month, grid and list view.



From the list view, Admins can also mark a booking as paid, and this is useful if the user wishes to pay with an alternative method, e.g in cash. If you mark a booking off as paid and need to reverse this action, click on 'Manage' > 'View / edit details' and change the payment status from paid back to unpaid.

Recurring Bookings

Regular Users cannot create recurring bookings with online payments enabled. Admins can create recurring series on a user's behalf however! To charge these bookings you must first click into 'Manage' and mark the booking as unpaid. The booking will then be decoupled from the series and you can charge it as a single-standing booking.

More detailed information can be found in this section's FAQ:  'How can I charge recurring bookings?'

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