You and your users can easily install your app from your venue's Skedda page...just accept the pop-up invitation! Here's an example in Chrome on Android for a hypothetical venue "Downtown Rooms":

As you can see, our vision is to make this your app, not ours! Your app offers the following benefits:

  • Zero-install: rather than requiring your users to go through a mediator (e.g. the Play Store), search for a generic product name (like "Skedda") and wait to download and install large files, your users just need one tap to install directly from your venue's Skedda page.
  • Fully-functional: your mobile app offers all the same functionality as the web interface, 
  • Update-on-use: your mobile app updates automatically whenever it's used, so there are no messy version numbers, nor a requirement for your users to manually maintain updates (e.g. through the Play Store).
  • Whitelabeled: your app displays on the user's device with your venue name on the home and splash screen (note that this whitelabeling is a feature of paid access - apps for venues on our free plan are simply named "Skedda").

We're also working on further features for your mobile app, including offline access and push notifications - stay tuned to!

Customizing your app name

Venues with paid access can customize the app name that will be shown under the icon on the device's home screen ("Downtown" in the demo above). To do this, just set the "Short Name" property in your venue's basic settings (requires admin access):

Missed the install invitation/popup?

In Chrome, you can install the app at any time by selecting "Add to Home screen":

Setup on iOS

The folks at Apple haven't quite finished implementing the standards that their devices need to fully support this latest "Progressive Web App" approach (they have however started work on this). In the meantime, you can still add the mobile version of Skedda to the home screen of an iOS devices in two taps:

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