Printing of your bookings can be done from the 'List' view.

On the list view, the first step is to filter the specific bookings required (date-range, user, booking type, payment status, search term...). Then, choose the 'Print' option up the top right.

You can customize the printout by including/excluding various fields. 

There's also a "Save paper by abbreviating" setting. If checked, this forces each booking to only occupy a one-line-of-text row in the printout. This is done by abbreviating any text that would otherwise wrap to a new line with "...". If you want all information to be included, you should uncheck this option (we encourage you to leave it checked to save the trees though, if possible!).

Finally, click 'Ok, print'. Your browser will then show you a preview and will often give you further options (paper orientation, paper size, scale...).

Note: At this stage, Skedda does not offer a direct option to print the 'Day' or 'Month' view. Consider using browser-screenshot tools/extensions for this task.

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