Setting a cancellation/end-early policy can be done from within your Settings > Venue Profile. From here, go to Booking Window & Lock-In section. There you'll see three options to choose from for your cancellation policy.

From the perspective of the non-admin booking holder, the options start flexible and move stricter. For example, the first option (users can cancel their bookings any time before they begin, and end them early whilst in progress) gives the holder the largest control over cancellation and "truncation", whereas the last option with a high lock-in margin means that the holder's booking is "set in stone" earlier and can then only be changed by an admin.

For each option, you can tap/click the little question mark to find out more details.

Some further notes:

  • This setting does not apply to the way that administrators interact with bookings (i.e. admins can always able to edit and remove any booking).
  • If you change your policy selection, the new policy will apply only to new bookings created from that point in time. That is, Skedda won't change the cancellation/end-early policy of existing bookings if you change this setting. This is intentional, because Skedda communicates this cancellation/lock-in/end-early information to the booking holder in e.g. the confirmation email when the booking is made, so they would expect this to remain invariant (they'd likely get confused if it changed on them).
  • Specifically for the end-early case: if a booking with a non-zero price is "ended early" by its holder, the price of the booking intentionally remains unchanged. If the venue has notifications enabled, the venue email address is notified of "end-early" actions, so admins can adjust pricing at this point if required.

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