Admins can remove a booking from any view (day/month/list). Click the chevron at the top-right of the desired booking block and choose the Remove booking option. If the booking is a repeating booking, you can choose whether you would like to remove the individual occurrence or the entire series. If the booking has a holder and you have notifications enabled, the holder will be notified of the booking cancellation by email.

Cancelling a booking as a Non-admin user

For Non-Admin users, the process of removing a booking is similar and also available from any view (day/month/list). A non-admin user can cancel their own booking in a self-service manner only if it is not yet "locked in" and it is not marked as "paid" (e.g. if the user has already paid online for the booking upfront, or as a result of an administrator manually charging the booking or manually marking the booking as paid).

Assuming the user can cancel the booking, they can click the chevron at the top-right and choose Cancel this occurrence (below a screenshot from the list view). If the booking is a repeating booking, the user will also see an option to cancel the chosen occurrence and any subsequent occurrences. If the venue has the relevant notifications enabled, the venue email address will be notified of any cancellations.

Ending a booking early as a Non-admin user

If the booking is currently in progress and the venue's cancellation/end-early policy allows it, the non-admin booking holder will also see the option to "end early". As shown below, this truncates their booking and makes the remaining time available for others.

Refunds of paid fees
If a booking is marked paid, only an admin can remove it (as discussed in the previous section). To remove a paid booking, the admin can follow these steps:

  1. Refund the payment if required. If the payment was done through a linked payment gateway (Stripe), this involves going to your Stripe dashboard, finding the payment and clicking "Refund" (a relatively straight-forward process). You can choose to refund the payment in Stripe for the full amount or a partial amount (useful for the case of venue-imposed cancellation fees). If the payment was made by other means (e.g. cash), the venue is responsible for arranging the appropriate refund.
  2. Mark the booking as "Unpaid" in Skedda.
  3. Remove the booking in Skedda as normal (described for the admin case above).
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