If you're a venue who accepts online payments, you might have made certain spaces free, certain hours free, or granted certain user groups $0 pricing, either because they're VIPs or because they pay a membership fee (that you might collect automatically via Stripe) that covers any typical booking costs.

But you might have noticed that users who haven't yet added billing details in Skedda will be prompted to do so, even if the booking comes to $0. Why is this?

The idea is that if you're a venue who accepts online payments, you'll be able to charge for damages in the event this user causes any (hopefully they don't!). It is an effective way of ensuring your bookers are serious without having to charge them a deposit (only to refund it later).

As seen above, this is communicated to the user at the time of booking.

If you want to make a certain user or group of users absolutely exempt from submitting payment details online, check out our article on how to make users exempt from online payments entirely.

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