Skedda supports creating a new booking from the "clone" or "duplicate" of another.

Admins can duplicate any booking, and regular users ("non-admins") can duplicate any of their own bookings (assuming of course that a new booking with the same attributes is still allowed by the venue's configured policies).

The option to duplicate a booking is available from any scheduler mode in the booking dropdown as shown below.

The "New booking" modal is then shown with the duplicated booking information, ready for fine-tuning and confirmation. Conflicts are never allowed in Skedda, so at the very minimum the date/time/spaces of the duplicate booking need to be adjusted as desired.

A note related to payment and pricing: If the source booking has a price and a non-default payment status (e.g. "paid"), then the payment status is reset in the duplicated booking (i.e. set to either "unpaid" or "not set"). That is, the payment status of a booking is never duplicated.

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