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SSO Configuration - Google Workspace
SSO Configuration - Google Workspace

Specific information about configuring SSO for Google Workspace.

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This article is a supplement to our main article on SSO (please read that first for context).

Google offers a detailed guide for adding a custom SAML2.0 app like Skedda, which you can find here. Use the Google guide as your main reference while you're working through the screenshots and process below!

Step 6: Setup Complete!

A full video walkthrough of the setup process is also available below:

Step 1: Add custom SAML app

From the ‘Web and mobile apps’ page, in your ‘Apps’ section, in your Google Admin portal, select ‘Add custom SAML app’ from the ‘Add App’ drop-down menu.

Step 2: Name the app ‘Skedda’, and add an app icon

In the ‘App details’ fields, name the app ‘Skedda’, and attach an optional app icon, if you like. You can find the Skedda logo available for download in your Skedda SSO settings page.

Step 3: Provide Skedda with your relevant IdP details

Copy the information, shown in the screenshot above, from Google and paste it into the relevant fields in your Skedda SSO settings page. The table below shows where you should paste each value from Google Workspace, into Skedda.

Value in Google Workspace:

Corresponding field in Skedda:

Entity ID

Identity Provider Entity ID


Identity Provider Login URL


Identity Provider Certificate Public Key

If you choose to download the ‘Certificate’ from within Google, to get the Base64 from the downloaded certificate, simply open it in a text editor and copy the contents. Ensure you do NOT include any "BEGIN CERTIFICATE" or "END CERTIFICATE" lines when you paste the certificate contents into Skedda.

Step 4: Provide Google with the relevant integration details from Skedda

In the next step, you’ll need to complete the ‘Service provider details’ form provided by Google in the next page:

You’re able to access these values from your Skedda SSO settings page:

You should take each value and paste them into the relevant fields. The table below shows where each value from Skedda should be pasted into Google Workspace.

Value in Skedda:

Corresponding field in Google Workspace:



Entity ID

Entity ID

Relay State

Start URL

Step 5: Configure your attribute mapping

The final step requires that you configure the relevant attribute mappings in Google, in order to provide Skedda with the required details in order to complete authentication via SSO.

You need to provide Skedda with the following user attributes to ensure successful authentication and login:

  • Email

  • First name

  • Last name

You should configure the attribute mapping as shown in the screenshot below:

The table below shows how each 'app attribute' from the Skedda side should be matched up with its appropriate 'Google Directory Attribute', in Google.

Step 6: Setup Complete!

One last step you’ll want to take is make sure that you’ve got your required ‘User access’ terms set up for your organisation. Once that’s completed, you’re all set to begin testing!

Walkthrough video

If you’d like to set your SSO integration while following along with a video walkthrough, take a look at the video below to get going!

If you're having trouble getting SSO to work after setting it up, take a look at our SSO Troubleshooting article!

Please also feel free to reach out to our support team if you have any questions or issues in the setup process.

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