There are two approaches to syncing your bookings with Xero. Here we will outline both of these approaches. 

Using Zapier

The first approach is by setting up a Zapier integration, so that each new user booking in Skedda creates a new invoice in Xero. This is nicely automated, and invoices will be waiting in Xero for you to approve them!

Importing bookings at a given time (weekly/monthly/etc.)

If you manage lots of cancellations and recurring booking series, it can often be more efficient to import the latest Skedda booking data into Xero at the end of your invoicing period (weekly, monthly, bi-monthly, etc.).

If you are not sure what approach is best for your venue, feel free to reach out to us directly with some details around your current invoicing process.

In this video we look at how to import your Skedda bookings data into Xero with our specially-created template and Xero’s import sheet. 

Download import template here

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