As an admin, you’re able to create a chargeable booking on behalf of a regular user. This scenario may arise if the individual would like to make the booking in person or phone calls the venue to make their booking.

It's not possible for you to enter card details on behalf of a user. The reason is this would not be compliant with standard security measures for taking payments and Skedda does not act like a point of sale terminal.

First, create the booking as normal. The price will be displayed, however, there will not be an area to add card details. Simply confirm the booking!

If the user has created a chargeable booking before, their card details are securely stored within the live payment gateway. You'll be able to charge their booking from the day, month or list view -- easy!

If you have a cancellation lock-in setup, you won't be able to charge the booking until it is 'locked-in' and the user can no longer self-service cancel their booking:

If the user has not created a chargeable booking before and has not added their card details to their 'My Profile' area, we'll remind you of this when you attempt to charge the booking.

If this happens, ask them to add their card details to the 'My Profile' area when logged in. You'll then be able to charge their booking, as in the previous step!

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