When a user provides their card details as part of the online payments process in Skedda, those details are stored securely in your Stripe account. You can access the (masked) credit card details at any time after this, and you also have the ability to charge arbitrary amounts to that card (even after the booking has ended). For example, you might need to charge them for extra items or add-ons, or for any other activities that happen at your venue.

This can also be viewed as flexible deposit mechanism. For example, if you find that a user damaged a space during their booking, you could charge their card for the damages by creating a one-off payment in Stripe:

The benefit of this approach is that it avoids payment transactions ie. charging a deposit and then having to refund it. A payment transaction only needs to takes place in rare or exceptional cases ie. when a user damages a space.  In other words, the card details act as the security without needing to charge the card a deposit amount.

Of course, we strongly recommend to cover all such scenarios in your terms and conditions and to always communicate with a user if you plan to charge their card a second time.

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