To protect you from financial mistakes, Skedda intentionally prevents bookings from being cancelled when they're in the paid state. The paid state implies that the holder has completed payment for the booking, so the matter of a refund may need to be resolved. See the steps below for how to administer a refund and subsequently cancel the booking.

Step 1: Administer a refund (if required)

If the booking was paid for through online payments, you can quickly refund the charge via your Stripe dashboard. To do this, see "How do I administer a refund?".

Otherwise, if the booking was paid for by other means, you'll need to make sure the refund is processed in the appropriate way.

Step 2: Mark the booking as Unpaid in Skedda

In Skedda, open the booking's Edit modal and change the payment status from 'Paid' to 'Unpaid':

Step 3: Remove/cancel the booking in Skedda

Once the booking is marked as Unpaid, you'll be able to remove it as normal:

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