If a booking has been charged to a holder’s card and you wish to refund the booking, you can easily action this directly in Stripe.

Find the booking in the list view by using the filters and search function, and click on the booking to expand the booking details. Copy the “Charge reference”:

Open up your Stripe account and paste the charge reference in the Stripe search box: 

Click on the booking to pull up the booking details. You’ll see the price and a “Refund” button:

Click on the “Refund” button, and choose to refund all or a partial amount of the booking:

Next, back in Skedda, click on “Manage” and then on “View/edit details”:

Change the status to “Unpaid” and save the changes:

Choose to remove the booking if required. The user will receive an email notification of the cancellation if you have user notifications switched on.

A reminder that Stripe refunds can take 5 - 10 days to reach your customers card and statements.

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