If your venue operates across multiple locations, consider using the ‘Views’ feature to group spaces by buildings and sites. However, if your locations are across time zones, or act independently with respect to e.g. the administration team, online payments or basic contact details, then it’s best to set up multiple Skedda venue accounts!

The great news is that a single Skedda user login can be associated with multiple venue accounts. That is, If a user is associated with more than one venue, they can easily switch from one venue account to another using the switcher control in the navbar:

In this way, all users can access an unlimited number of venue schedulers with one login, making creating and managing bookings across venues easy! In addition to this, an individual could have Owner access on one venue account, Admin access on another venue account, and Regular access on yet another venue account!

If you operate venues across locations and have questions on getting each account set up, reach out and we'll be ready to help!

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