Please note that it is not currently possible to implement quota-style conditions, like "don't allow users to book more than X hours per day/week/month". This feature is currently on our roadmap.

In the meantime, you can enable notifications to be sent to the venue email address whenever bookings are made, and include custom information in the bookings process to indicate to your users that, for example, "any users that go over the weekly/monthly quota of X,Y,Z hours/days might have their booking removed."

Find out how to add custom text to the user booking window here: Custom Booking Information.

You can then use venue email notifications and the list view to manage and keep track of how often users are booking. If a user goes over their quota, you could delete their bookings, and they will be notified by email of this change as long as you have user notifications enabled. Find out more about notifications here.

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