Click into Settings > Spaces. Click on "+ Add a space" and then name your new space.

From this same page you can also delete spaces, rename spaces, change their visibility, add descriptive information, add space visuals/images/photos! For example, you might like to add information about the features and capacity of the space, or show photographs. The ability to add visuals to a space is part of the Pro Pack.

You can also reorder spaces (by dragging and dropping them in the list).

Tips on naming your spaces

  • Choose names that are familiar to your community and visitors. “Room 1” and “Studio 2” might not be as familiar as “Floor 2: Room 1” and “The Blue Studio 2 ”.

For example:  🎵 Bay Room  | 🔵 Studio 2

  • If you need to add a large number of spaces at once, get in touch with our team via the chat widget and we'll be able to organise an import of these for you.

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