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Skedda's Subcontractors / Subprocessors / Data processors
Skedda's Subcontractors / Subprocessors / Data processors

The current list of third-party entities we engage to perform services on our behalf.

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Skedda engages other companies to provide limited services on its behalf. Any such subcontractors will be permitted to obtain customer data only to deliver the services Skedda has retained them to provide, and they are prohibited from using customer data for any other purpose. To this end, Data-Processing Agreements have been signed between Skedda and each subcontractor below (to the level of the EU GDPR with the EU Standard Contractual Clauses where required).

The list below includes all current subcontractors engaged by Skedda, along with their locations and the functions they perform.

Major Subcontractors / Subprocessors

These are Skedda's core sub-processors which are relevant for all users of the Skedda platform (end users as well as System users):

  • Microsoft Corporation (United States): Provides the hosting infrastructure for Skedda's primary application resources (web application firewalls, web application servers, database servers, content storage).

  • CloudFlare, Inc. (United States): Provides Domain Name Server (DNS), content-delivery and web-security services for Skedda.

  • Mailgun Technologies, Inc. (United States): Provides transactional email services for the Skedda application.

  • Google, LLC (United States): Provides email services for the domain and serves website fonts.

Minor Subcontractors / Subprocessors

These sub-processors process information at a scale lower than those listed above. These processors are relevant only for venue owners and administrators and are not systematically relevant for end-users (non-admins) of venue accounts.

  • Stripe, Inc (United States): Provides billing- and subscription-management services (for venues that are subscribed to a paid Skedda plan).

  • Intercom, Inc. (United States): Provides customer support and customer-messaging services for venue system users via in-app, email, and social media channels.

  • HubSpot (United States): Skedda uses HubSpot as its operational CRM platform for sales and marketing activities, including sending emails to existing and prospective customers regarding product updates and offers.

  • Userflow, Inc. (United States): Provides in-app tours, setup/onboarding checklists, and similar resources designed to introduce new Skedda customers to the platform and guide them through the configuration of their accounts. Userflow is only activated for owners of Skedda accounts created on or after 22 April 2022.

  • Headway App, Inc (United States): Provides an in-app product-changelog widget and updates page for Skedda, visible only to venue System admins and Owners.

  • Calendly, LLC (United States): Used by Skedda's customer teams to arrange mutually convenient times for sales and support calls with Skedda customers (venue System admins and Owners) when they request such calls or accept an offer to participate in such a call.

  • Atlassian Corporation ("Trello" product) (Australia): Used only by the Skedda sales team to help manage the sales process with Skedda leads and other prospective Skedda customers (venue System admins and Owners).

  • Paperform Party Limited (Australia): Used only by Skedda's customer teams to help collect the required information for the sales and onboarding process (for Skedda leads and other prospective Skedda customers - venue System admins and Owners).

  • PandaDoc, Inc. (United States): For certain types of prospective customers who are considering the use of our services, Skedda uses PandaDoc to generate and send proposal documents.

  • Loom, Inc. (United States): Skedda uses Loom internally and externally for recording videos to share with colleagues, prospective customers, and customers.

  • Clock Work Studio Pty Ltd ("GoVisually" product) (Australia): Only when designing custom graphical floor plans and maps for customers, Skedda may in some cases invite venue owners only to review and make design adjustments to their drafted maps using the GoVisually tool.

  • Zapier, Inc. (United States): Skedda uses Zapier to connect the services of some of our other sub-processors in order to automate specific low-scale workflows. The customer-relevant workflows configured in Zapier relate to 1) notifying venue owners about important issues with their Skedda account (e.g. payment failures), 2) improving the communication, proposal, and onboarding process for new Skedda customers/leads, and 3) supporting maintenance tasks requested by venue owners (e.g. requests for updates to account settings).

  • Productboard, Inc. (United States): Skedda uses Productboard internally for managing individual votes for specific features (as shared with Skedda via unsolicited messages through support channels) and subsequently notifying the relevant individuals when the feature is available.

  • Totango, Inc. (United States): Skedda uses Totango to manage account-level customer flows (like onboarding to the Skedda platform).

  • FullStory, Inc. (United States): Skedda uses FullStory for user-experience monitoring and insights, product analytics, and digital experience intelligence.

  •, Inc (United States): Skedda's sales team uses AirCall to make, receive, and record on-demand telephone calls with customers. Customers are informed at the beginning of the call that the call may be recorded.

  • ZoomInfo Technologies Inc. (United States): Skedda uses ZoomInfo to gather publicly available data for companies and business individuals. Skedda also uses ZoomInfo to record, summarise, and provide analytics on meetings between sales representatives and prospective customers.

  • Evalian Limited (United Kingdom): Skedda invests in the consultation services of the external specialist data-protection and security firm Evalian Limited. Evalian's website can be found at Skedda engages this sub-processor in a proactive manner to ensure that our data protection, security, and privacy posture is maintained to a high standard. Evalian performs various supporting tasks for Skedda that are specifically related to data protection, privacy, and security. These tasks/workflows include providing data protection guidance and advice, reviewing policies and procedures, performing security penetration and vulnerability testing, and informing Skedda about changes to applicable laws and regulations.

  • (United States): Skedda's sales team uses as a generative AI copywriting tool to scale email messaging to prospective and current clients.

Subcontractors / Subprocessors relevant only for Skedda Marketing Pages (

These sub-processors process information based on visits to the Skedda marketing pages hosted at only. Visiting these pages is not relevant or required for any users of existing venue accounts (i.e. these pages are intended for representatives of organizations that are interested in signing up for an account on the Skedda platform, not those that already have). Note that we do not market or advertise to the users of venues having a custom subdomain of

  • Webflow, Inc. (United States): Serves Skedda's static marketing pages (on

  • Google, LLC (United States): Helps us to market/advertise our services (on through advertising campaigns and site analytics.

  • Meta Platforms, Inc. (United States): Helps us to market/advertise our services (on through advertising campaigns.

  • LinkedIn (United States): Helps us to market/advertise our services (on through advertising campaigns.

  • Gartner Digital Markets ("Capterra") (United States): Helps us to market/advertise our services (on through advertising campaigns.

  • APIHub, Inc. ("Clearbit") (United States): Provides data enrichment and analytics services for visitor traffic on our marketing pages (

  • Heap Inc. (United States): Heap is a web analytics and behavioral/event tracking tool. Skedda uses Heap to better understand user behavior on marketing pages ( and what actions lead to conversions or higher engagement.

  • Wingify Software Pvt. Ltd, "VWO" platform (India): Skedda uses VWO as a web-testing and conversion-optimization platform on the Skedda marketing-pages (

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