Skedda may engage other companies to provide limited services on its behalf. Any such subcontractors will be permitted to obtain customer data only to deliver the services Skedda has retained them to provide, and they are prohibited from using customer data for any other purpose. To this end, Data-Processing Agreements have been signed between Skedda and each subcontractor below.

The list below includes all current subcontractors engaged by Skedda, along with their locations and the functions they perform.

  • Microsoft Corporation (United States): Provides the hosting infrastructure for Skedda's primary application resources (web application servers, database servers)
  • Google LLC (United States): Provides email services for the domain
  • Stripe (United States): Provides billing- and subscription-management services (for venues that are subscribed to a paid Skedda plan)
  • The Rocket Science Group, LLC (United States): Provides transactional email services for the Skedda application
  • Mailgun Technologies, Inc. (United States): Provides transactional email services for the Skedda application
  • Intercom (United States): Provides customer-messaging services via in-app, email and social media channels
  • Zapier Inc (United States): Provides data-management and automation services for subscription-management tasks, customer-notification tasks, customer-support tasks and sales/acquisition tasks
  • AccountDock (United States): Provides billing-history services (for venues that are subscribed to a paid Skedda plan) by integrating with our Stripe services
  • Wootric (United States): Provides customer-experience, feedback-collection and survey services (specifically, Net Promoter Score surveys)
  • StackPath LLC (United States): Provides content-delivery services for application assets.
  • CloudFlare Inc (United States): Provides Domain Name Server (DNS) and content-delivery services for Skedda.
  • Trello Inc (United States): Used by Skedda to help manage various business and sales processes (internal use only).
  • SignRequest (The Netherlands): Provides legally-binding document signing services (for cases where we need to sign documents with our customers).
  • Headway (Poland): Provides an in-app product-changelog widget and updates page for Skedda.
  • Calendly (United States): Used by Skedda support staff to arrange mutually-convenient times for sales and support calls with Skedda customers.
  • 200OK (United States): Provides subscription-analytics services for internal Skedda use.
  • Lucky Orange LLC (United States): Skedda uses this service to understand and improve the initial product experience by gathering anonymous usage information only for the first web session that a venue owner has after signing up for our services as a new venue from This service is not used in any other cases.
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