Skedda makes it really easy to accept and manage online payments for your bookings with Stripe. Stripe is a leading payment processing platform that provides the most reliable and secure infrastructure to manage online payments for your customers! All payment-method details are securely held within your Stripe payment gateway, whilst the booking details are securely managed on Skedda.

The very first step is to review's Stripe website and product offering, and make sure Stripe is available in your country. You can set up a Stripe account for free, perfect for looking around and testing out their platform! Stripe's pricing differs per country, please check their website for more information.

Next, you can test out and see how Online Payments work on Skedda with our 'test mode', allowing you to run through some 'real-life' booking scenarios with test card details. Below we explain how to use the test mode in four easy steps. 

Enable the test mode to demo online payments on your account.

  1. Click into the Settings > Online Payments and select the test mode:

2. Next, choose the payment approach that you would like to test out: Upfront or 'Book now, Pay later'.  Click on the small question mark for an explanation of each approach. You could test out both, one after the other.

3.  Then, check you have a pricing rule set up for at least one of your spaces in your venue settings. If you haven't set these up yet, create a simple condition, like this!

If you need some help setting up a pricing condition, review the article 'Creating Pricing Conditions' or get in touch!

4. Now go to the users page and copy down your system's test user, Skedda Fred's login details. Now log out and depending on your access settings, attempt to make a 'public' booking or login with Skedda Fred's login details. Within the booking form window you will see valid-test card numbers to enter, just like a real booking!

Here's a video of this in action:

Next up, take a look over the two payment approach options in more detail. 

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