Click into the List View. To the right-hand side find the 'Print' button.

Make sure to filter the data first, so you only print the bookings that you need. You can customise the printout by including/excluding various fields.  

There's also a 'Save paper by abbreviating; setting. If checked, this forces each booking to only occupy a one-line-of-text row in the printout. This is done by abbreviating any text that would otherwise wrap to a new line with "...". If you want all information to be included, you should uncheck this option.

After you click 'OK, Print', your browser will show you a preview and will often give you further options (paper orientation, paper size, scale...).

Note: At this stage, Skedda does not offer a direct option to print the 'Day' or 'Month' view. Consider using browser-screenshot tools/extensions for this task.

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