Creating an account with Stripe only takes a few minutes. After the process is complete, you will be able to accept payments for your user's bookings.

To create an account head to:

  1. Open your Stripe account and click on Developers in the top-right. Or, your Stripe dashboard homepage might also just show you the API keys directly (proceed to step 3 if you've got these, as these are what we're after):

2. If you had to click "Developers", click on "API keys" next:

You will see them after that. Notice that this particular Stripe account is in "test mode" (there's a rocker switch at the top-right that says "viewing test data"). You can view your "live" keys once Stripe has verified your business (look for "Activate" in Stripe's interface to do that). Test keys begin with pk_test and sk_test, while live keys begin with pk_live and sk_live.

3.  Open your Skedda account, and click into Settings > Online Payments. Under "Connect your gateway", click on the third option, "Use our live gateway". Copy and paste the API Keys here and then hit "Connect gateway".

4.  Done! You can now accept online payments for your bookings! If you haven't already done so, make sure to check in on the two payment approaches that are available to you and check over the frequently asked questions before going live. 

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