Click into Manage Spaces and select a space.

Pricing conditions can be set up even if you don’t plan on enabling online payments. Similarly to booking conditions, pricing can be set by space, time, day and user tag. 

Remember, if multiple conditions match, the first price will be used.

How to create a pricing condition

Under the pricing conditions area, click on '+ Add condition'.  Select a pricing condition template.

Use the ‘Copy conditions from’ feature if a space should have the identical conditions to another.

By default a condition will apply to all times of the week, however you can edit the conditions by day, time of the week, duration and add user tags if you’ll have different conditions across your users. Remember that if you don’t have a price for a time of the day, there will be no charge for users to create a booking for that time.

Test out your conditions

Test out your conditions by using our three simple testing options: How to test out my space conditions.

Additionally, for a quick test of pricing conditions, you can simply attempt to make a booking whilst logged in as the Owner/Admin. The general (no user tag) pricing will show on the scheduler, and if you then select a user from the booking modal, you'll see the pricing change to respect that user's tags.

Our tips on all things pricing

  • Admins can create bookings on behalf of users, and edit the pricing field. Pricing information will not show up in the non-admin booking window if you don’t have any pricing configured.
  • Users will see the pricing of their booking once they click on the scheduler, in the booking modal and also in the booking confirmation email.
  • As an admin you can change the price of an existing booking by using the edit-booking option from any scheduler view.
  • The Online Payments pack ($19 USD per month) is needed for charging online bookings with Skedda and Stripe Payments.
  • If you’d like additional security for bookings and cancellations, but not take payments online, consider enabling the online payments pack with the ‘Book Now, Pay Later approach’ which requires that users provide valid card details to secure the booking. This can act as a deposit for bookings, even if you plan to take the payment in person and not charge the card assigned to the booking.
  • It’s important to include your venue pricing, booking policies, cancellation policies, and conditions for damages and no-shows in your venue’s terms and conditions. We encourage you to also include this information in the booking confirmation email.
  • Skedda does not add tax to the booking price, so please remember to set pricing based on the final amount the user should pay.
  • Skedda does not charge the venue or the user a % fee to make a chargeable or priced booking (if you have online payments enabled). Stripe Payments, our exclusive payment processing partner, does charge a % fee, and this differs per country. Please check Stripe’s pricing and availability for your country.
  • You can change your currency under Venue Settings > Basics.

For information on Online Payments with Skedda, head over to the Online Payments Help Center Section.

Do you have a complex pricing structure? We’re ready to help, send over the details and we can take a look!

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