Administrators are able to edit bookings. To edit a booking, click on the chevron in the top right hand corner of the booking block. From here, choose the 'View/edit details' option. You can also double click on the block to achieve the same result a little faster.

The edit screen lets you update the date, time, spaces, title, notes, repeat sequence, booking holder and price of the booking. 

While all supported changes can be made from the edit screen, the time, duration and spaces of a booking can additionally be edited more efficiently by dragging and resizing the booking block directly on the scheduler.

If you have user notifications turned on, updates to a booking held by a user will notify that user of any important changes made (only for changes to the date, time, spaces or price).

Non-admin users are not able to edit bookings, however, they are able to easily cancel and recreate them with the desired changes directly from the scheduler, assuming they are not within a cancellation lock-in period.

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