When accepting online payments within Skedda, there are two options for how payment is taken from your users.

The options are: Upfront and Book Now, Pay Later

Details on these options and how to choose the right option for your venue are below.


When on the upfront payment approach, your users are charged in the final step of the online booking process. The booking holder's credit card is debited the full booking price. After the booking is complete, the booking is always "locked-in" and the holder cannot cancel it in a self-service manner online (only an administrator can remove the booking).

You should choose this approach if your organization requires full and immediate payment for the confirmation of a booking, and cancellations are rare (or simply not allowed).

Book Now, Pay Later

When on the book now, pay later approach, your users are not charged anything immediately to secure a booking online. The booking holder is, however, required to provide a valid credit card to show that they're genuine. Their card details are stored securely in your payment gateway's vault. You and your co-administrators have the ability to charge the credit card for the booking price from the Skedda admin interface if required.

Note that bookings created with this approach respect your venue's lock-in margin. For example, if you have a lock-in margin of 24 hours and a user creates a booking 48 hours in advance, they still have 24 hours to cancel the booking before it is "locked in".

This approach is ideal if:

  • you often deal with refunds and/or cancellations,
  • you want to make the booking process attractive and frictionless for your users, or
  • you want to offer alternative payment options to your users (e.g. cash on arrival or customized invoicing).

Note: Irrespective of the payment approach you choose, administrators and trusted users will always able to make bookings without having to provide a credit card.


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