The 'Lock-in' option allows you to answer the question; How early do you want bookings from venue users to be "locked-in"?

For example, If you set this value to 24, venue users will be able to cancel their bookings up to 24 hours before the booking's starting time.

Consider the trade-off when setting this value: a higher number will give you earlier assurance that your bookings won't be cancelled, but will also make the booking process less flexible and attractive for your venue's users.

If you switch this off or set it to zero, venue users can cancel their bookings any time before their scheduled commencement.

Setting a lock-in time can be done from within your Settings > Venue Profile.

From here, go to Booking Window & Lock-In section

The Lock-in option allows you to choose whether to enforce a lock-in and if so, choose the time in advance of a user's booking, after which that user can no longer cancel the booking online.

Of course, this setting does not apply to administrators (who are always able to cancel/delete any booking).

Finally, note that if you change your lock-in setting down the track, the new lock-in margin will apply only affect new bookings created from that point in time. That is, Skedda won't change the lock-in time of existing bookings if you change your venue lock-in margin value. This is intentional, because Skedda communicates lock-in information to the booking holder in e.g. the confirmation email when the booking is made, so they would expect this to remain invariant (they'd likely get confused if it changed on them).

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