Getting Started with Skedda

We hope that the guide below helps you to get things set up. Don't forget that we are always more than happy to help you if you run into any trouble: just use the in-app communicator/chat widget when logged in as an admin to reach out to us!

1. Sign up for an account

If you haven't done so already just head to and sign up for an account!

2. Review the settings of your account

Under the cog icon (top right in the administrator view), your options include Spaces and Venue profile.

3. Customize your 'Spaces'

Skedda revolves around 'Spaces', so this is a logical place to start. A space at your venue might be a court, a meeting room, a dance/music studio, a hot desk, a co-working space etc. To prevent conflicts, Skedda ensures that no two bookings can be made for the same space at the same time.

You will see that some demo spaces have already been added for you. You'll probably want to edit the space names to start. For example, you can change the name of "Your first space" to "Room 102" or "Court 1". You can also add new spaces by clicking the 'Add a space' option in the top right corner.

4. Set up pricing and booking conditions

By default, new spaces have no pricing associated with them ("no charge") and don't have any special booking conditions. You can of course customize this.

Some spaces will require a cost to be associated with them, some will need to be restricted from some users, others will need to have minimum and maximum booking times or strict "blocking" behavior (e.g. bookings only possible for a morning session 8am-12pm and an afternoon session 2pm-6pm).

All these and much more can be setup in the Booking Conditions and Pricing sections. To do so, select the 'Edit' option under each space in the relevant section.

Once some conditions are setup for a space you are also able to use these for another space by using the 'Take from' option which lets you select another space's conditions to use. Helps save time if you have a lot of spaces that have the same rules!

For more information on setting up booking conditions and pricing, see the relevant support articles in the "Spaces" section.

5. Set up your Venue Profile

You can setup venue-wide information through your Venue Profile. The different sections of the Venue Profile correspond to different aspects of the way you would like your account to work.

All the items are pretty straightforward and those that could be a little tricky have a little '?' that you can click for clarification.

In the "Hours of availability" section, for example, you can setup the broad times which your venue is open to bookings (see also the relevant support article).

In the "Access and Visibility" and "Booking Window & Lock-In" sections, you can setup how your scheduler is accessed, which booking information is visible to non-administrators, and whether or not booking "lock-in" times and/or a "booking window" should be enforced.

You may also wish to integrate online payments at this stage, which is covered in more detail in our dedicated payment articles.

And that's it, you've now set up your venue and you're ready to start! Head to your Users section to add and invite users, and head to the Schedule section to start making real bookings.

As mentioned at the beginning, this article aims to give a broad overview of setup. Check out our collections of support articles for more information on detailed topics. And don't forget: we're always happy to help and love hearing from people on how they are going with Skedda! If you'd like us to review your account before you go "live" with real bookings, just shout out! To do so, just click on the in-app chat widget or shoot an email to:

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